Olderlink Freesites.
Below are the olderlink mature oldermen freesites.

A freesite is determined by an offering of some kind of content for nothing. All of the oldermen sites below offer you something you can enjoy and are handpicked by us.
Mature Oldermen Daddies Seniors Blog - Oldermen blog (Our Blog).
Our blog - The olderlink blog (just rebuilt) with oldermen content for you to check out. Theres will be all the latest older men video news, latest release news best pictures circulating the groups as well as themed posts designed to keep the blog refreshed with new gay daddies (& straight daddies too!). Basically, if you like mature oldermen daddies and seniors, this is the blog.
Caffmos Community - Mature matchmaking.
Caffmos is one of the more recognised oldermen matchmaking sites there is. Since 1998 Caffmos has been getting oldermen together and supplying all kinds of resources for gay older men. Caffmos is of course fully featured and is one of the very few sites that allows unlimited messaging to all its members. Its about gay oldermen for the gay older man.
Find Gay dad - Gay daddies / Sons dating.
Findgaydad - formerly known as gaydadson.com has been linking intergenerational couple for as long as i can remember. Its a full featured dating site aimed at linking oldermen men with their younger admirers. There is a daddy gallery and a sons gallery also to look through even without membership. The translation features on the profiles is a great touch making it great for everyone.
Daddyhunt - Find a daddy.
Hotoldermale / Pantheon Productions are responsible for creating this site in August 2005. Ok heres the deal, it is limitless dating and you can contact as many daddies as you want everyday, but, as a non supporting member, you can not see adult pictures. Thats the deal, totally free limitless gay oldermen dating but no daddy pictures. Its a great site to meet men even without the adult pics.
Sfpix.net - Gay Older men picture repository.
Sfpix is an oldermen picture and video depository. This depository has been around for a long time now with literally 1000's and 1000's of oldermen pix and a great selection of short videos and stories. To get access to all the oldermen stuff all you have to do is signup and your in. You will not know where to start or finish once your in there as you'll be overwhelmed by the oldermen content.
Dave Irwin - Oldermen Pictures.
Everyone knows Dave Irwin (pictured right) from the countless pics and videos he has all over the net, but !, have you ever seen his site ???. Well this link is to his galleries. Theres about 14 galleries linked to along the bottom of the page that all go to Pictures of Dave. The picture (right) is from the gallery called "group 7". This is a great little frolic in Daves sexy big world.
Gay Dads and Younger Sons - Intergenerational gay oldermen and younger.
Gay Dads and Younger Sons (Gdays for short) is a link listing not unlike Olderlink, the differences being that this site is aimed "ONLY" at gay intergenerational older/younger content. The site itself is full of links to galleries containing oldermen with younger guys (gay older pictures and gay oldermen videos) as well as standard site listings and more.
Dannyboystudio - Oldermen art.
Dannyboy is an artist who on this particular site prefers to create his art about hairy oldermen bears. Danny creates his art for sale so you can purchase any of his unsold works but! the website allows you to admire all his oldermen pictures including the sold art works. I particularly like the picture i have included on the right of the silverfox in the pool. What a great painting.
Your Silverdaddies - Silverdaddy rating site.
The newest rating site on the web. Your silverdaddies allows you to vote for all the silverdaddies you know and love. Theres also a silverdaddies tube where you can watch 100's of old men silverdaddy videos and page after page of oldermen in action. Its a totally free site with recounts and new models monthly. Start voting for the silverdaddies you like today.
Mature Gay Dvds
Mature gay dvds is probably the newest addition to the gay mature oldermen market and is offering many free samples for you to get a taste of just whats on offer. Theres 36 free trailers on the site right now, all in great quality, all free for your perusal including sooo many models you have never seen before with a couple of familiars thrown in. Check it out, you will love it!.
The Intergen.com - Galleries of mature daddies (Our other site).
The Intergen is one of our little projects. Its a gallery resource with over 460 short video clips/teasers and over 2000 pictures. It was originally created to be updated every month with new galleries from all the commercial sites, but !, the commercial sites do not update their sites that much so we can only do so much. Its likely to be updated with mature silverdaddies every 3 months.
Logan Porn Comics - Oldermen Art Galleries.
Logan has been linking with olderlink for a few years now and i have become quite fixated with his site. I'm not much of a comic reader myself but the pictures on this site are absolutely amazing. The pictures range from G-rated to explicit and portray a mixture of oldermen husky bears to spunk filled muscle daddies. Theres lots to look at and as a surfer and you will find it worth your time.
DaddyScape - Gay Daddy dating.
Daddyscape - This is a gay mature dating site thats fully featured and strong on membership with over 20 000 profiles. All the usual features can be found like chat, black book for keeping notes and many many other dating features. Daddyscape has been around for quite a few years and is well recognised and known in our little gay oldermen community.
Graygay.com - directory.
Graygay.com is a massive gay directory supplying all kinds of infomation such as travel guides, gay books dating advice and of course links. Theres also the graygay forum where you can interact with other forum members, the shop where you can buy all kinds of graygay merchandise from cafe press and their own dating site where you can do a search for your perfect oldermen.
Oldermenzone - Directory.
Oldermenzone is a huge link directory dedicated to just gay oldermen, silverdaddies, seniors and older admirers. This link list has to be one of the biggest featuring everything from blogs and groups to communities and yahoogroups as well as all the usual premium and picture video sites. Theres also polls to vote in and as already mentioned, oldermen links galore.
Silverdaddies.com - Dating.
Silverdaddies is huge. If you have not seen silverdaddies yet, you better get your oldermen ass in gear. Silverdaddies is the one oldermen site on the web that is copied and mimmicked by every unoriginal wannabee on the net. This is it, silverdaddies is the spot they all copied, get with the original and still the best. Silverdaddies is easily the best oldermen dating site on the web.

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